Navori Labs To Intro QL 2.7 Digital Signage Software With New Features at Upcoming ISE and InfoComm

navori labs ql 2.7

Navori Labs announced QL 2.7, the company’s first major digital signage software release in several years. QL 2.7, which introduces a suite of new features that cross all core software elements (QL Content Manager, QL Player and QL Server), will receive its public debut at the upcoming ISE and InfoComm shows in Barcelona (May 11-14, Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Stand 6K350) and Las Vegas (June 8-10, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth N3318), respectively.

Navori says the QL 2.7 UI specifically puts the focus on content, beginning with much larger media thumbnails that include live video preview functionality. The broader spectrum of content supported in the UI includes native PowerPoint and PDF file uploads, which will especially appeal to corporate, education and government verticals. QL 2.7 also integrates Microsoft Power BI dashboards for business analytics, which helps business leaders easily share sales data and performance analytics in manufacturing, warehousing, and retail environments for example.

The new software release also integrates QL digital signage software with Aquaji, the marketing analytics software introduced to retail and physical businesses in 2021. The direct integration claims to offer many business benefits for users, including the automatic personalization of digital signage content in real-time based on the profile of the live audience.

The Aquaji experience is also now well-entrenched in QL’s user interface. Users can now pull Aquaji-related data and reports directly from the UI that provide specific and detailed information on content playback. The analytics will include what media played for how long and on what screens, for example.

Navori Labs has both rewritten and expanded the functionality of its QL Player software to improve performance on existing QL-supported media player platforms, and enable QL Player on new platforms. A latter example is the immediate availability of QL Player software for Innes PlugNCast media players. This new development from Navori Labs, which acquired the Innes PlugNCast business last year, allows PlugNCast to remotely update their players and seamlessly migrate their content libraries to QL.

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One new cost-cutting feature on the playout side is the introduction of HDMI passthrough to BrightSign and Innes PlugNCast media players. This is especially useful for QL users that play broadcast content over their signage networks. Direct HDMI passthrough effectively eliminates the encode and decode stage and need to transport content over IP, which means no external processing and networking equipment is required.

Navori Labs has also rewritten its QL Player software for LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen SoC displays, as well as for BrightSign media players, ensuring improved performance over built-in players software sold by these same manufacturers.

QL Server also introduces important new security features that will appeal to IT managers responsible for network protection, including native support for Web Application Firewalls. QL 2.7 also strengthens user authentication for access to QL’s CMS, with new direct login methods including Microsoft Single Sign On, Active Directory Accounts and SAML 2.0 Integration.

Navori Labs will demonstrate these and other new QL 2.7 features at ISE and InfoComm on QL Professional and QL Express. The former represents Navori’s enterprise-level solution for large-scale networks, and like QL Express is available in cloud and on-premise versions.