Navori Labs Releases StiX 3700 Android Digital Signage Media Player

navori labs stix 3700

Navori Labs just detailed the new StiX 3700; a second-generation, ultra-compact Android digital signage media player dongle. Following the first-generation StiX 3500, the StiX 3700 offers exceptional performance for its size and features the best components for the rendering of high-resolution content.

The StiX 3700 democratizes hardware media players, providing a near-immediate return on investment at half the price of most media players. It is a perfect complement to software media players, such as System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions, that lack the advanced feature sets and versatility of hardware players. The StiX 3700 builds on the success of Navori Labs’ first-generation StiX 3500 media player, which exceeded 100,000 shipments over four years. The new dongle retains the core StiX 3500 benefits in size, maintenance and feature set, and claims to add broadcast-quality 4K at the 60-frames-per-second video.

The StiX 3700 adds several new features as well, including remote control of screens using HDMI-CEC functionality. Upon entering schedules, Navori QL software automates all on/off control functions, simplifying management tasks and making it easier to switch screens on and off at different times of the day. Users can easily install third-party apps such as TeamViewer or VNC for remote control thanks to its user-friendly Android operating system.

The StiX 3700 comes with the Navori QL Player software enabling users to get started on their projects upon turning on the device and logging in. The StiX 3700 can also be activated prior to deployment, making it is ready for use once the screen is installed. The plug-and-play dongle works across every screen size, orientation and brand, which simplifies system management across multiscreen digital signage networks.

The dongle includes support for both Wi-Fi wireless and wired connections for any network environment and its Android OS accepts security certificates required by most corporate IT organizations. The StiX 3700 is also interoperable with touchscreens, sensors, physical buttons, and external speakers via USB or Bluetooth offers up to 1Tb of content storage via its micro SD card slot (versus the standard SoC 8-16Gb storage) and works with 4G and 5G USB-enabled modems.

The StiX 3700 has a unit retail price of $249.