New Navori Labs QL Modules Strengthen Large-Scale Digital Signage Deployments

navori-qlplayers-0216Swiss digital signage software specialist Navori Labs will release new modules for its QL digital signage engine this May that strengthen robustness for content management and delivery over large digital signage networks. The new QL Load Balancing, Failover and CDN modules, to be shown at Digital Signage Expo (March 16-17, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 2218), are intended for digital out-of-home networks comprised of 1000 or more Windows or Android media players.

Navori Labs’ CDN module establishes a connection between QL Professional and Microsoft’s Azure global cloud network. Azure’s open nature and robust backbone is an ideal content delivery network for video, graphics and data across large retail or transit networks, for example, where Navori QL Server distributes targeted content to many locations and displays.

“Integration with Azure will provide the higher capacity required to increase the number of concurrent users supported, and the scale to increase network strength and decrease server load,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “This integration will additionally improve availability of server content and reduce network latency and packet loss, resulting in better quality of service network-wide.”

The QL Load Balancer module ideally pairs with the QL CDN module, though it can be deployed separately as well to manage workload distribution across multiple servers. Useful with both QL Professional on-premise or cloud deployments, QL Load Balancer accelerates response times through efficient distribution of network resources that prevents server capacity exceedances. The result is increased reliability and availability by nature of QL Load Balancer’s redundancy.

Navori Labs will offer QL Load Balancer in several configurations, including a reverse proxy that distributes traffic across many servers; a virtual shared drive, which further enhances storage; and clustered Microsoft SQL databases.

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Also new is Navori Labs’ Failover module, which provides the dual benefit of switching between parallel components and/or content streams in the event of system failure or maintenance. This ensures the network remains operational in the case of system upgrades or repairs. Furthermore, QL Failover operates in a modular fashion. In the case of a project requiring upgrades across all network modes, engineers can take one node offline at a time, which supports a seamless network-wide upgrade process without any downtime.

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