Navori Labs Debuts New QL Digital Signage Innovations

Navori Labs QL Navori Labs has debuted several new QL digital signage innovations. The applications address emerging needs that make digital signage more effective for the organization and the audience and leverage the power and flexibility of Navori’s QL software at the core.

Now in its second-generation, the newly-branded QL Mobile expands the content management capabilities of the mobile workforce, allowing users to upload content from any smartphone or tablet using Navori’s HTML5 Content Manager. Users can now access a special QL Mobile UIvia a live link, eliminating the need to install software on the mobile device. The QL Mobile application turns the screen into an interactive tool and provides users with the freedom to remotely control media players and customize content in the field.

Navori will also unveil a new AI-based technology called Computer Vision; a standalone solution that supports in-depth crowd analysis and content triggering based on real-time visual data and events. The solution requires no special hardware, establishing interoperability between standard webcams and Navori’s QL digital signage software. This provides a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to evaluate viewer reactions to on-screen content. Computer Vision also leverages anonymous data to safeguard consumer privacy. This means that retail businesses, for example, can track the number of viewers, dwell times, attention-span lengths and specific audience member reactions without storing, reusing or disseminating personal data. In less consumer-sensitive applications, the same technology can analyze inventory in hospitality environments, such as the availability of restaurant tables, food items or parking spaces. It also a valuable tool for measuring ad campaign effectiveness.

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Though interoperable with Computer Vision, Navori will separately demonstrate its latest rule-based programming software in a standalone application. Now available as part of Navori’s QL CMS platform, the software now leverages plain-language commands to trigger on-screen content. Playback rules can monitor any data feed and launch corresponding content in real-time — including time-sensitive information such as weather conditions and emergency alerts. Simple and powerful, Navori’s innovation eliminates programming and scripting language to accelerate the learning curve at all skill levels. Navori’s other products and demonstrations at ISE include:

  • The new QL Stix 3700 hardware solution, which offers a compact, attachable 4K media content player with 64-bit processing for Android 9 operating systems.
  • QL Multi-Platform Support for network operators, emphasizing the power of Navori’s QL Player software to natively play out content within any hardware or OS environment. Users can easily manage a mix of SoC displays, multi-screen video walls and interactive installations with a common QL Player software platform.

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