Navori Labs Launches QL Access Control Add-on to Its Signage Software

navori labs ql access

Navori Labs announced the launch of QL Access Control, a new feature developed in response to COVID-19, as an add-on to its QL digital signage software. According to Navori, QL Access Control enables retailers and public spaces to monitor and secure entry and exit traffic in compliance with the latest health regulations.

QL Access Control provides real-time calculations and evaluations of visitors on-premises. The software:

  • Counts, screens and guides visitors
  • Detects whether or not visitors are wearing protective masks, and identifies specific details about fabric types, shapes, colors and patterns of each mask worn
  • Monitors multiple entry points simultaneously
  • Gives users the flexibility to set and adjust occupancy instructions

QL Access Control automatically manages visitor traffic via interactive digital signage combined with proprietary video tracking technology and allows users to customize content in conjunction with their own venue-specific rules. Multiple inputs and outputs are available for facilities with more than one entrance and exit, and the software interoperates with security cameras for live streaming and monitoring purposes.

QL Access Control utilizes Navori Labs’ recently announced Computer Vision artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling in-depth crowd analysis and content triggering based on real-time visual data and events. Visitor privacy is assured, as Computer Vision does not store, reuse or disseminate personal data. In QL Access Control, the AI applies silhouette detection (including the detection of face masks), but not facial recognition.