Navori Labs Debuts Tiny AI-Powered 4K Res Digital Signage Player

navori labs digital signage player

Navori Labs just introduced the StiX 3800 ultra-compact, AI-powered digital signage media player. The StiX 3800 includes audience measurement capabilities that help users “better understand their audience and how content performs.” Navori says users can tailor content on-the-fly to meet viewer preferences and behaviors, leveraging immediate feedback from footfall, dwell time, people and vehicle analytics to make informed decisions.

The StiX 3800 also simplifies the activation process without technical intervention, requiring only a single network to carry high-resolution content and PoE. The latter accentuates the StiX 3800’s sustainability benefits, including long-duration performance (50,000 hours) and automatic screen activation upon detecting audiences. Ease of use is enhanced by the capability to deploy new content across multiple locations within minutes, ensuring messages stay timely and relevant.

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