Navitar Intros Fisheye Zoom Projection Lens for Domes

HSRZ-55-Lens-0116Navitar announced today the addition of the HSRZ-55 fisheye zoom lens to their established line of HemiStar projection lenses. This F-Theta wide angle fisheye lens was designed to work with 1.38″ panel projectors based on Texas Instrument’s 4K DLP technology, including models from Barco, Christie and Digital Projection.

The HSRZ-55 is the industry’s first fisheye zoom lens available for the high brightness 4K projectors on the market today. The 1.18x zoom lens has a focal length range of 5.5-6.5mm and achieves vertical projection angles from 150.3° to 179.4°.

The key advantage of the HSRZ-55 for integrators, however, is the ability to change the position of the projector relative to the spring line of the screen, and continue to fill the dome.

The HSRZ-55 has been installed and tested by teams developing planetariums, dark rides, and outdoor spherical displays and all are extremely pleased with the resolution, brightness and uniformity of the lens. Navitar’s new zoom is a perfect solution for planetarium, amusement, large-scale event and spherical display applications as well as for projecting into spheres larger than 1.5 meters.

Here are all the tech specs.