Naostage to Debut Its K-System Beacon-Less Tracking Solution at ISE 2023

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Naostage’s K System, a beacon-less 3D tracking solution, will make its debut before an international audience at Integrated Systems Europe 2023 (Jan. 31-Feb. 3).

The K System claims to make it easy for fixed-install professionals to create immersive, interactive live experiences by seamlessly identifying and following visitors and performers wherever they are in a defined tracking area — allowing for the automation of an endless array of lighting, audio, video and media effects in real-time, “in perfect sync with the installation or show.”

Naostage says K System can be used in a variety of applications. In addition to concerts, tours and festivals, the company says this technology could be used, for example, to automate tracking in a venue, museum or visitor attraction, triggering audio, video and lighting effects as a visitor enters the room, or to allow a cruise ship to embark on a multi-week journey with a fully automated show, simplifying pre-production and reducing costs across the board.

As the “industry’s first beaconless solution,” Naostage requires no additional hardware, such as sensors or tags, to be attached to artists or visitors. Once rigged, the plug-and-play sensor scans the space in 3D, feeding data to the K SYSTEM processing unit, which automatically identifies each target in real-time.

At ISE, Naostage will share booth 5D700 with Smode Tech, whose real-time compositing and media server platform SMODE will join forces with K SYSTEM. Bringing unparalleled flexibility and fast artistic decision-making capabilities, SMODE’s workflow will help to demonstrate the creative potential of Naostage’s live tracking system by bringing to life immersive visuals from digital artist Maotik, coupled with regular interactive dance performances.