Nanov Introduces Transit LCD Signs for Microclimates

Nanov Display unveiled a line of LCD signs (called PIDS for Passenger Information Display Systems) designed and engineered to withstand various microclimates such as dry heat, fog, rain and wind. Featuring a remote monitoring system to make maintenance accessible from a distance, Nanov says these LCD monitors are legible under direct sunlight and impervious to the effects of salt water erosion. The models have been optimized for the west coast of the U.S., with an auto-moisture control sensor and a heater to dry out screens during any wet or rainy weather. Additionally, these LCD systems can display up to the minute weather, transit updates, media and advertising while passengers take shelter.

These LCD PIDS have vandalproof enclosures and screens, include the capability for alerts for other public hazards or emergencies and are ADA compliant.

Here are all the tech specs.