NanoLumens Upgrades Performance LED Display Series

Nanolumens Performance LED SeriesNanoLumens today announced a series of product upgrades to its outdoor Performance Series line of LED displays.

Announced upgrades include the addition of two new pixel pitches, at 3.1 millimeters and 3.9 millimeters, to complement the product line’s existing range of pitches. Another major change to the product line is the shift from using steel cabinets to smaller cast cabinets that measure 500×500 millimeters. These smaller cast cabinets grant greater design freedom with regard to display size and shape while allowing seamless alignment for the new smaller pixel pitches. The new cabinets also improve the display’s heat dissipation, and therefore, its performance. An increase in max brightness has been engineered as well to help the displays stand out against strong ambient sunlight and despite the diverse alterations, the Performance line retains the same robust IP rating it has always boasted.

Here are the details on the NanoLumens Performance LED Series.