NanoLumens Partners With Loupe Art Streaming Service To Deliver New Streaming Experience For Its AWARE Platform Customers

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, January 16, 2018 — NanoLumens®, the award-winning creator of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, today announced that its proprietary AWARE third-party app store has added a valuable art streaming platform through a strategic partnership with Atlanta, Georgia-based Loupe®, a pioneering global company offering a customizable streaming gallery of contemporary art, atmospheric visuals and relaxing images from artists around the world. NanoLumens customers utilizing the AWARE® platform can now display Loupe’s expertly curated portfolios of photography and artwork collections, or choose to work with NanoLumens and the Loupe curation team to create custom-curated, site-specific streams for different seasons, events or locations.

According to NanoLumens Business Development Manager Brice McPheeters, the partnership represents another step forward in NanoLumens’ ongoing initiative to build a third-party app store on its AWARE platform, one that helps to make complete LED visualization systems an easy-to-achieve reality for customers. The new partnership with Loupe allows NanoLumens customers to present virtually unlimited high quality modern art at a fraction of the cost of traditional prints.

“Fine art displays can be a major expense for airports, transit terminals and corporate lobbies, and more often than not, once a piece is purchased it might not change for years or decades,” McPheeters said. “Today, through our partnership with Loupe, NanoLumens customers can access an ever-expanding catalogue of incredible art and display what they want, when they want, for as long as they want. With Loupe’s seamless set up/access and NanoLumens’ technology, any location can now become a brilliant attraction for visitors, even allowing for previously impossible installations like artwork on curved walls and in non-standard shapes, which are exactly the types of situations our displays are famous for.”

Through the partnership package, customers have the ability to build their own catalogues to fit their aesthetics or align with a current marketing initiative, as well as the option to obtain exclusive artwork for their location only.

Dot Bustelo, Founder and CEO of Loupe, sees this partnership as a way for NanoLumens customers to introduce a new level of sophistication and culture to their public and common spaces. “NanoLumens is a natural partner for Loupe, seeing as how both companies are in the business of providing unforgettable, one-of-a-kind imagery to customers,” Bustelo said. “Our expertly-curated galleries of world-class artwork and photography, combined with NanoLumens’ stunning display technology, allow customers to engage visitors, employees and any other viewers with beautiful imagery 24 hours a day. We are excited to see how NanoLumens customers leverage this new capability to heighten their public spaces and provide unprecedented artwork displays. Recognized as the leading art streaming app on Apple TV around the world (#1 Lifestyle App in over 40 countries), Loupe also offers the ability to purchase select works streaming, both fine art prints and originals.”