Nanolumens Debuts Nixel Series LED Integrated With True Curve Technology

nanolumens nixel series led

Nanolumens announced a new extension of its Nixel Series LED featuring an ultra tight radius and narrow pixel pitch. The new Nixel Flex product is designed to elevate the standard for seamlessly curved displays with its design and flexibility.

Thanks to Nanolumens patented True Curve technology, the Nixel product builds on the success of the Nixel Flex, taking it another step further with a remarkable bend radius of 11.5”, in a 1.56mm pixel pitch cylindrical screen measuring 23 inches in diameter, making it the tightest true curve to be showcased at InfoComm 2024. The display boasts 100,000 hours of display life. The Nixel Series displays are front-serviceable, slim, lightweight and energy-efficient.

Unlike traditional displays that rely on rigid panels, Nanolumens’ Nixel Flex Series is designed to bend and arch to create both convex and concave curved displays. The unique design of the Nixel Series ensures that the displays are 100% seamless and provide superior aesthetics from 360-degrees, even when viewed up close. The introduction of the display expands the degrees of freedom for designers, architects and integrators, enabling the creation of displays that push the boundaries of creativity. From unique shapes to multi-story designs to double-sided screens, Nanolumens empowers its users to transform spaces with stunning visual experiences.