NanoLumens Adds LED Digital Posters for Less Than $200 

NanoLumens today announced the market introduction of NanoLumens LED Digital Posters. The NanoLumens Digital Posters are embedded with the cloud-based NanoLumens AWARE platform, which allows retailers to route new content to any digital poster in their network around the world. NanoLumens AWARE also seamlessly combines diagnostics and support functions with a variety of apps, services and content sources and these Digital Posters can now be purchased for less than $200 per month, making them a reasonable purchase for any brick-and-mortar location.

At 2.55-mm pixel pitch, NanoLumens Digital Posters give content the utmost clarity, creating a deeper level of customer engagement. They are also incredibly simple to install, and ship direct to any warehouse or store location. Purpose built with the retailer in mind, Digital Posters are plug-and-play, making content changes and additions a breeze.