NAB Show 2024: Touring, Installed Sound and Church Audio – Deliver a Superior Sonic Performance with SSL Live

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Las Vegas, NV, April 9, 2024 — Solid State Logic [booth C6307] will be showcasing its SSL Live production platform during the 2024 NAB Show, to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center between Sunday, April 14th and Wednesday, April 17th. SSL Live brings the company’s renowned studio legacy to live sound production. ​ Combining market-leading digital audio handling, advanced connectivity and routing, plus a comprehensive suite of on-board effects processing, to deliver a superior sonic performance on tours, at event spaces, and houses of worship with SSL Live.

SSL Live – from the studio to the stage
​During the show, SSL will be delivering demonstrations of its renowned SSL Live production platform via the flagship L650 console. From the compact L100 Plus to the triple-wide fader bank configuration of the L650, the entire SSL Live range of consoles offers the same unsurpassed operator experience and best-in-class sound quality. The L100 Plus and L350 Plus consoles are perfect for mid-sized events and installed sound projects that require uncompromising sound, while the larger L550 Plus and L650 consoles offer the increased processing power to deliver large-scale international tours and events with ease. Book an appointment with an SSL Live expert at NAB show 2024 to find out more.

Advanced workflow for live sound
​At the core of the SSL Live platform is its advanced feature set, allowing operators to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible in live sound production. SSL Live offers unique workflows and integrated control solutions, optimized for live production:

Open Architecture: SSL Live console architecture is extremely flexible. Each console has a pool of DSP Paths, which can be assigned as Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes or Masters as required for the production, with each path configured as mono, stereo, LCR, 4.0 or 5.1.
Remote Production: SSL Live consoles and I/O can be controlled remotely using additional control surfaces, or a PC running the console control software, SOLSA. These additional control positions can be beside the main surface for large or multi operator setups, anywhere else in the building, or over a high bandwidth VPN connection, delivering new workflows for streamed performances, remote production, and more.
Unique features: ‘Stem Groups’, ‘Super-Q’, ‘Layer Manager’, ‘Event Manager’, ‘User Keys’ and ‘Compatibility’ mode optimize workflow, save time and layout space, whilst enhancing efficiency. ​ ​
Immersive Audio: Object-based mixing is facilitated directly from the console through integrated control of Meyer Sound’s ‘Spacemap Go,’ d&b’s ‘Soundscape,’ and L’Acoustics’ ‘L-ISA’ immersive loudspeaker systems, supplemented by a general OSC interface to further augment control capabilities.

SuperAnalogueTM Network I/O
​The SSL Live’s comprehensive range of Dante and MADI Stageboxes provide a robust, agile, and superior sounding I/O solution for touring and fixed install projects. Designed on SSL’s renowned SuperAnalgoueTM technology platform, and with sophisticated Gain Sharing capabilities and ownership control, Network I/O not only sounds stunning, but provides the reliability and control needed to deliver the most complex productions.

SSL Live Masterclass with Cory Edwards of Elevation Church
​Are you focused on live sound and want to take your productions to the next level? SSL will be hosting an SSL live sound production masterclass with Cory Edwards, FOH/Audio engineer and production manager of the band, Elevation Worship. Edwards will be discussing how he approaches a wide range of productions, from optimizing the console/show file, to advanced MADI & Dante routing, to configuring the effects rack and using the right processing.

SSL invites you to learn more about delivering the best possible performance to your audience, while helping an artist to reach their full potential. The Corey Edwards SSL Live Sound masterclasses will be held during the 2024 NAB Show on Sunday 14th at 3:00PM, Monday 15th at 3:00PM, and Tuesday 16th at 2:00PM. To learn more, register for NAB or book an appointment with an SSL Live expert, please visit