My Almost Fight with My New Boss

stranger-0613I usually have a pretty good sense of direction, but when in new cities, I have to get my bearings. The other night I was out walking back toward my hotel, after finding the convention center, and using that as my known landmark. As I was walking, a white SUV passed me, then slowed and then stopped in the road.

To put the next comment in context, I run at night in Orange County (California), sometimes late at night. Every once in a while, teenagers like to slow down and yell at me, etc. to see if I’ll respond. I keep right on running, and have never really had an incident, but I’m always very aware of my surroundings. I used to compete as a Muay Thai kickboxer, and I am 6’5″ and about 215 lbs, so I’ve never really been too worried about my safety in that way.

So, flash forward to Orlando, an SUV passes, slows and then stops in the road.  It starts to move forward again, and I think, OK they are moving on, and then they stop again. I was on point to say the least, I kept walking, thinking I had a few seconds to process, and then the SUV starts backing up.

I thought to myself, “They are really anxious to taunt me, they can’t even wait for me to walk a 100 feet! I am listening closely and then hear someone yelling from the vehicle. As they get closer, I can now understand the words.  “Pat?”

It was my editor Sara and the rest of my rAVe crew. They saw my purple shirt, and mistook me for one of our other bloggers, and were coming back to give me a ride.

Needless to say, I didn’t have to fight or runaway, and instead I was given a ride to save me the last few blocks of walking.

Thanks, Team!