MXL Microphones Releases REVELATION MINI FET Mic

mxl microphones revelation mini fet

MXL Microphones released the REVELATION MINI FET. Based on the REVELATION and REVELATION II tube microphones, MXL set out to create a microphone with the “warmth” of a tube mic but using the FET circuit with a smaller footprint.

MXL’s REVELATION MINI FET utilizes a 32-millimeter center terminating, gold-sputtered capsule combined with a low noise circuit to provide sound in a range of applications. The REVELATION MINI FET focuses on the midrange and lower frequencies, which sets the mic apart from basic entry-level condenser mics. This design results in recordings with less hum and more music. Additionally, the inclusion of a three-stage pad (0, -10 decibels, -20dB) provides the flexibility needed for recording high SPL sources, such as horns and kick drums.