MXL Adds Wireless Microphone Technology To Its Field Recording Line

mxl-wireless-1212MXL Microphones’ new FR-500WK is basically a kit comprised of the FR-500WT Transmitter and the FR-500WR Receiver, plus accessories geared toward DSLR users. The MXL FR-500WK lets videographers add audio to video without the need for cables.

The FR-500WK Wireless Audio System is designed for interviews and field reporting, with a range of up to 280 meters in a straight line of view. Distinguishing features include easy access group and channel controls, a wide frequency response from 40Hz to 18kHz, and an Ultra High Frequency from 566.25 to 589.75. Other features include:

  • 64 channel selections. (4 groups x 16 channels)
  • LED lights indicate different channel groups.
  • Long transmission range: up to 280m in line of sight
  • Long battery life (2x AA): up to 10 hrs

The FR-500WT Transmitter has a built-in microphone, 1/8″ (3.5 mm) mic jack and line in. A discreet omni lavalier microphone is included. The FR-500WR Receiver has a built-in speaker, 1/8″ (3.5 mm) headphone jack and line out. A hot shoe adapter and a 1/8” to 1/8” cable are included to mount the receiver on top of a DSLR camera. A 1/8” to XLR male cable and ¼” adapter are included to connect the receiver to mixers and other pro audio gear. Additionally, the receiver can be used with headphones and a recording device.

Here are all the details: