MuxLab Unveils New Content Management Software on 4K Signage Player

MuxLab has released its new 4K Signage Player (model 500769) with complete Content Management Software (CMS). This new software system allows users to create, manage and control AV from a variety of sources, including content streaming via the H.264/H.265 codec over a local Ethernet network, Internet, internal memory and external USB 3.0 memory devices. It allows the user to gather, organize and schedule content. The signage player can up-scale content and output it at 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) resolution. The selected source may be viewed on a connected display or can be implemented with many sources and displays to create a comprehensive video wall riding on a IP-based infrastructure via an Ethernet switch.

Content can be autonomously scheduled for the week, with additional weeks ready to automatically play, offering a “set and forget” functionality. Users can create multi-view window layouts and assign audio, video and images, including text banners and logos, to each. Content can be scheduled in minutes, simplifying the time-intensive task of curating content for long periods of time. Content can play simultaneously from multiple sources, including its internal memory, a USB memory stick, from a local Ethernet network and the Internet.

Here are all the specs.