MuxLab Debuts New SDI Converters

MuxLab unveiled two new SDI converters today, including the 12G-SDI to Quad/Dual Link SDI Converter (model 500725) down-scales a 12G-SDI signal to a lower bandwidth dual link 6G-SDI or quad link 3G-SDI format. The lower bandwidth standards are output via traditional coaxial cable using BNC connectors. The Converter has one BNC input supporting 12G-SDI and four BNC outputs supporting either dual link 6G-SDI or quad link 3G-SDI signals.

The Quad/Dual Link SDI to 12G-SDI Converter (model 500726) up-scales a video source or camera using dual link 6G-SDI or quad link 3G-SDI and outputs a 12G-SDI signal. The 12G-SDI standard supports higher resolutions, frame rates, and color fidelity, providing four times the bandwidth of HD (3G-SDI), which is ideal for connecting to a display that supports 4K@60Hz. It provides four BNC inputs and one BNC output.

Both converters are compatible and can be implemented in the same system and are here.