Must-Have AV Business Trends – Augmented Reality, Touch Screens, and Live Streaming

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We had a lot of fun last week researching the AV demands of Generation Z, especially as those demands related to higher education. Now we are going to address the overlap of three of those demands as they relate to business success. They are augmented reality, touch screens and live streaming. For each trend, we are sharing an expert’s point of view and we welcome your ideas and thoughts too!

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR)

First, let me define “augmented reality.”  Live Science states that, “Augmented reality is using technology to superimpose information on the world we see.  For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what the user sees and hears.”

Five ways augmented reality will transform your business — Nick Heath shares, “From better customer service to expert help for remote workers, here’s how AR will help firms work smarter.”

  1. Remote Guidance — Workers in the field could use AR glasses to feed them relevant information on how to solve the task in front of them.
  2. Better Training — Unlike a real-world training scenario, a trainee can play through an AR situation as many times as they need to grasp a concept or a procedure.
  3. Visualizing Objects — Visualization of 3D objects using AR could offer a better sense of what a finished product would be like than a flat image on a screen.
  4. Better Customer Service — AR has the potential to make life easier for customer-facing staff, especially in retail.
  5. New Ways of Working — AR headsets could change the way we work, especially when we need to capture images like in the insurance and medical professions.

Touch and Interactive Projectors, Boards, Surfaces and Programs

Seven Proven Benefits of Touch Screens and Touch Screen Technology — One of the greatest benefits of touch screens is the intuitive interaction between user and device. The website, skytechnology, presents a solid case for businesses to shift to this type of interface. Here’s why:

  1. Speed – Touch screens help us operate any device faster.
  2. Ease of Use – It has been proven that touch screens are intuitive in use.
  3. Everyone’s an Expert in Touch – Pointing at something you want is an instinctive gesture.
  4. Device Size – Integrating everything into the display helps save valuable space.
  5. Accessibility – Touch screens can also be of incredible value when accommodating users with physical limitations.
  6. Durability and Easy to Clean – Touch screens in general are very well adapted for public use and applications that require heavy usage.
  7. Cost Reduction – Using a touch screen interface increases accuracy and reduces time to get used to the equipment.

Streaming “Everything”

Five Live Streaming Solutions that are Improving the World — The crew at DaCast, an online video services company, shares their thoughts and explains why live streaming is the future of distributing media. Are you ready for it?

  1. Global Connectivity – Live streaming allows people from all over the world to participate in your event, regardless of physical or geographic barriers.
  2. Improvement of Life – Now, individuals can use their skills to set up live tutorials to teach a wide variety of people across the nations.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – Shifting to streaming versus watching a DVD will save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
  4. Better for Business – Professional streaming services that are bundled with a content delivery network allow you to stream to individuals from all over the globe.
  5. Entertainment – Live streaming is a natural outlet for entertainment as people crave that feeling of “seeing it first.”

As a business owner in the AV industry, I am really excited about these future trends for both my business and yours! Of the three I touched on, which one do you think will have the most influence in your industry?

Tomorrow’s a new day!

Tony, the AV guy