MULTIVES Intelligent Voice Evacuation Investment

multives1MultiVES is a Voice Evacuation System designed with a view to a possibility of its versatile application — it is extremely suitable for both decentralized and centralized systems. The architecture of this system is based on fibre optic Ethernet connections between control units and other elements of the system which allows for its application in structures most extensive in terms of area and functionality such as air terminals, oil fields and refineries, commercial centers and office complexes.

Key features: o Flexible and scalable configuration; o Fully digital audio transmission; o Distributed intelligence of the system; o Redundant communication between control units and fireman microphones; o Modular construction of control units; o Fully integrated with Fire Alarm Systems; o Remote management via Ethernet and WAN connection; o Intercom function between all fireman and zone microphones; o A unique system of dynamic allocation of spare amplifiers; o Advance DSP functions.

At the same time while offering control units tailored to our Clients’ needs and requirements in respect of design, development and making as well as multi-channel and multi-net amplifiers. Ambient System is able to create compact systems for individual small and medium sized structures as well as for more complex projects connected by a digital network.

MultiVES is based on the fiber optic technology of digital transmission of voice messages, inclusive of alarm messages, commercial messages and music. The primary task of the system is to cooperate with fire alarm systems and automatic broadcasting of fire hazard messages in the buildings. The functionality of the system is designed in accordance with EN-54-16. MultiVES system comprises control devices, multi-channel amplifiers as well as fireman microphone consoles and zone microphones. The ambiTEC platform is the heart of the system. It enables digital scaling communication not only among all the elements of the system but among other Integrated safety systems as well.

»» Up to 32 GB SD flash memory dedicated for playback and recording messages (48 kHz, 16 bit); »» Maximum number of simultaneously played messages limited to the number of xCtrLn-4 and xCtrLn-2 cards in the system; »» Intercom function between all microphones; »» External audio inputs in every control units and zone microphones; »» Up to 12 secured amplifiers supported; »» 4 common 100 V audio buses in every Control Unit for spare amplifiers and budget solutions with maximum 4 at the same time played messages; »» DSP with implemented 3 band parametric EQ on all inputs on control units, 8 band parametric EQ, delay lines, audio limiter and feedback eliminator on each of the audio outputs. »» Complex control inputs / outputs and RS485 interfaces for Fire Alarm Systems and BMS integration. »» 8 x 80,8 x 160 and 2 x 650 W bridgeable Class D amplifiers.