MultiDyne Releases New Edition to Series of Camera Adaptors, SilverBack-VB

MultiDyne Releases New SilverBack-VB Camera AdaptorMultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions is bringing a new version of its SilverBack-V series fiber camera adapters to market. Designed for content producers of live concerts, sports and church services, the new SilverBack-VB retains the main features required for HD, 4K and 8K productions but fits a smaller budget.

The SilverBack-V and SilverBack-VB both convert digital cinema cameras into SMPTE studio cameras in live and multicamera productions. MultiDyne says SilverBack-VB users can now mix and match high-end and lower-cost digital cinema cameras to reduce expenses.

The SilverBack-VB is a 1RU half-rack-width enclosure that provides a full-bandwidth fiber optic link between any 12G, 4K or HD camera and a truck, control room or video village position. The design puts more emphasis on video payload across four I/O options, including bidirectional 12G-SDI and 3G-SDI, while streamlining audio transport options. Live multicamera production features include intercom, genlock, timecode, serial data and colorful front-panel status monitoring.

MultiDyne also says the SilverBack-VB is vendor-agnostic, allowing customers to mount the adapter onto their digital cinema cameras of choice. When paired with MultiDyne’s JUICE-48 power supply, users can operate on a hybrid cable or use robust tactical fiber to power the camera. The SilverBack-VB also adds PoE capability to power remote control panels and other production workflows over Ethernet.