multiCAM Systems to Introduce Flexible Network Interface for IP and NDI Video Streams at ISE 2018

multiCAM Systems will demonstrate its new IP Box solution at ISE 2018. Available in March, IP Box can receive up eight IP or NDI video streams directly from the local area network. Its IP functionality reduces the size and cost of the central server, as a PoE switch or injector can support all power, video streams and PTZ camera control over the network.

IP Box as a network interface that requires no additional hardware or software and works with the company’s new mCam PTZ camera as well as any third-party PTZ camera available today. IP Box is also interoperable with NDI-enabled equipment including switchers, signal processors and automated playout systems. IP Box’s NDI interoperability is a new feature integrated since the company’s initial product announcement in late June, and has been rigorously tested to ensure exceptionally low latency in live production environments.

IP Box is limited only by network and bandwidth limitations and supports a much greater number of cameras that is traditionally enabled through SDI capture cards. It is ideal for use within classrooms, corporate AV environments (meeting and huddle rooms, large conference spaces) and auditoriums using MULTICAM CONF, MULTICAM E-LEARNING or MULTICAM IN-SITU systems to produce and stream lectures, presentations, medical trainings and live events. IP Box also benefits broadcasters using MULTICAM RADIO for Visual Radio applications.

Once deployed, users also have more freedom to consolidate resources and leverage equipment from other locations over the local area network. For example, a director can quickly recall and go live with cameras in adjacent studios to integrate guest speakers and other compelling content into the production. In addition, NDI interoperability simplifies how users can bring in guest speakers and lecturers over a variety of video conferencing platforms.

Systems integrators benefit from the ability to gradually transition end users from SDI to IP or NDI environments. As an example, IP Box allows users to leverage their existing SDI infrastructure for as long as they wish. However, the transition to IP or NDI will not require an expensive switching matrix and it will also eliminate the need for traditional 19-inch rackmount servers. The latter can be replaced with a much smaller unit and network cabling, reducing rack space as well as costs and labor associated with legacy wiring.

Here are the details.