Multibrackets Debuts Floorstand Mount with Casters for Large LCDs

FloorstandHD2-0314Swedish mount company Multibrackets has introduced a new floor stand with locking casters and a mounting bracket for large screen displays.

Capable of mounting screens from 63″ up to 100″, the Floorstand HD is powder-coated white with a maximum weight capacity of over 300+ pounds. Optional shelves can be mounted to hold set-top boxes, media players or computers. Displays can be mounted using any VESA standard, from 400×400 millimeters up to 1200×700 millimeters. Once mounted, the display is height and tilt adjustable. The system includes a power-rail and Displays can be mounted in either portrait and landscape, and a power rail is included. It’s a simple concept, but Multibrackets has its own Scandinavian style to differentiate.

Here are all the specs.