MTI Launches New ReAct

ReAct 0111

ReAct-0111MTI has been working around the edges of the digital signage retail sector for many years, with software and displays that popped up content based on shoppers lifting up and interacting with its core products – secured tethers for merchandising displays.

When you are about to stuff that sexy Samsung AM-OLED smart phone into your pocket and bolt for the door of a consumer electronics retailer, there’s a good chance it is an MTI alarmed tether that keeps that from happening.

Now there’s word from Portland (and MTI is also a client) that the company has a new, more broadly offered digital signage offer – built in-house and designed for retail.

What’s interesting is the hardened, totally solid state, button-less box that plays full HD (no price point, but told it is low), and the baked-in integration with social media. That part is not all that hard to do, but then again I don’t see it being done out there by more than a handful of vendors.