MSolutions To Debut 4K AI-Based Auto-Tracking Camera at ISE 2023

msolutions ise 2023

MSolutions will use ISE 2023 to show its new 4K camera extender and integrated soundbar as well as to introduce new AI, 4K and USB solutions (on Stand 2F225). MSolutions is crossing the “resimercial” market with its own “SoHo” (small office/home office) products for huddle spaces, conference rooms and auditoriums. MSolutions will launch a 4K PTZ camera called the MS-4K81-12TR, that’s an actual AI-based auto-tracking camera.

The MS-4K81-12TR is an ultra-wide angle PTZ video camera that identifies and follows human voices with smooth face tracking. The camera automatically locks into the person speaking and follows that person’s movement. AI tracking is powered through embedded machine learning technology, which extracts the location and characteristics of each speaker. The MS-4K81-12TR pairs with MSolutions’ latest extenders and active cables, providing a complete easy-to-install video solution with long-distance USB connectivity and very low power consumption. The MS-4K81-12TR is an Ambarella M22 solution, featuring technology used in drones and sports production due to its low-power UHD processing, high visual quality, and efficient power dissipation. These features combine into an ideal collaboration infrastructure for classrooms and lecture halls, medium-to-large meeting spaces, and large auditoriums.

MSolutions will also expand its extender portfolio into new territory with the MS-3R Series of HDBaseT extenders to support uncompressed extension of HDMI signals at 4K@60 4:4:4. The MS-3R Series incorporates uncompressed HDBaseT 3.0 technology to extend 4K HDR video (18Gbps) up to 100m (333 feet) over a single category cable, supporting all 4K resolutions including dHDR (HDR10+ and Dolby Vision at 60Hz). The series includes the MS-3R, which supports HDMI connection; and the MS-3RU, which adds USB-C connectivity. MSolutions will show the MS-3R-Series alongside other recent extenders, including last year’s MC-6UIC USB-C extender set, which is now USB 3.1-compatible.

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MS-3R Series extenders add value through bi-directional RS-232 support between sources and destinations, and bi-directional Power over Cable (PoC) to fuel either the transmitting or receiving device. Both extenders also support HDMI pass-through of all known HDMI audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Beyond having a variety of complete collaboration solutions that are easy to install, systems integrators who work with MSolutions can further benefit by using its leading AV test solutions to confirm system integrity and certify installations before leaving job sites. ISE 2023 marks the international debut of the company’s USB Cable Test (UCT) module for its all-in-one handheld MS-TestPro (MS-104B) device.

The UCT is the AV industry’s first solution for qualifying today’s wealth of USB cables, signal types and connectivity options. It also helps users understand the power consumption of a USB device in relation to the host, as well as bandwidth, data speeds and the presence of specific wires across the cable that match varied USB specifications. The UCT removes the mystery of which cables are compatible between cameras, extenders and displays or computers by identifying what USB signal types the cable can pass. The tester will also identify and qualify the USB version that the cable is specified to, which is often the root of compatibility issue.