MSolutions MS-63U1C USB-C Extender Set Now Compatible With Microsoft Azure Direct DK Development Kit

msolutions ms 63u1c usb c

MSolutions announced that its new MS-63U1C USB-C extender set is now compatible with Microsoft’s Azure Direct DK development kit, providing customers with a way to enhance connectivity inside collaboration rooms. MSolutions will actually debut the solution at ISE 2024, in Stand 5G820 in the Fira de Barcelona from January 30-February 2.

Announced in October and now shipping, the new MS-63U1C USB-C extender set offers a base capacity of 5Gb/s bandwidth for USB 3.2 Gen 1 signals, and is capable of USB 3.2 signal extension up to 100 meters (333 feet) thanks to its wide bandwidth and reliability. The MS-63U1C is designed to support SuperSpeed 3.2 compatibility ensuring that the user’s data moves at lightning speed and with zero latency inside meeting and learning spaces.

kinect dk

The Azure Kinect DK developer kit provides users with an open-source solution to seamlessly integrate hardware components with AI sensors for computer vision and speech models. The Azure Kinect DK with the MS-63U1C’s allows integrators and in-house installers to effortlessly connect their PCs with the developer kit and synchronize multiple devices in the USB ecosystem, including cameras and microphones.

The MS-63U1C extender set, which includes a Host and Device, supplies customers with the higher data transfer rates they need to stream high-resolution video inside collaborative spaces reliably, and onto UC platforms for remote audiences. This opens more opportunities to move higher bandwidth content between sources and destinations without having to rely on bulky active cables that are often hard to pull and unsightly in modern AV environments.