MSolutions Intros New 4K Ultra HD USB Camera and USB-C Extender

msolutions 4kcam

MSolutions introduced the MS-4KCam 4K Ultra HD USB camera and MS-6U1C USB-C extender. The company’s first 4K camera offers digital ePTZ capability that enables select portions of the camera’s wide-angle image (up to 120 degrees) to be magnified and repositioned to fill the frame. MSolutions says the wide angle makes this camera ideal for mid-to-large spaces like conference rooms and auditoriums, however its low profile and affordable cost is suited for huddle spaces.

The MS-6U1C extender set pairs with the camera in all installations, allowing a single USB-C data channel to be extended up to 333 feet/100 meters over a single CatX cable. The MS-6U1C also supports RS-232 serial pass-through and bidirectional 12V PoC (Power over Cable), and its robust reliability ensures that signal integrity is maintained even when peripheral devices are concealed from sight.

MSolutions’ two new microphone solutions serve audio capture and conferencing needs across small, medium and large spaces. The company’s MS-SP8 Digital Array Microphone offers beamforming technology to reduce noise using patent-pending technology with USB-2.0 and 3.5-millimeter audio interfaces.

Finally, the new MS-BEAM2 is an all-in-one soundbar that uses a Beam Forming (BF) microphone to pick up a speaker’s voice anywhere in the room.

Both audio products add a low-distortion BF algorithm that automatically detects and focuses on the person speaking, enhancing sound pickup without picking up other audio distractions in the room. However, the MS-BEAM2 is distinguished by a streamlined three-in-one design that also integrates a 4K UltraHD camera, providing an all-one video and audio solution that can be easily moved from room to room when sharing amongst many smaller spaces.