MSolutions Ignites North American Presence Through Symco

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MSolutions, a leading supplier of AV cabling, collaboration, extension and test devices, has established a channel partnership in North America with Symco acting as its regional manufacturer’s representative, effective immediately. The partnership will offer a substantial boost to MSolutions’ brand visibility and product availability in the Eastern United States from West Virginia north through New England, while accelerating delivery times and adding key support services through the region.

MSolutions has gradually developed a global presence over the past eight years, strengthened through distribution channels and technical support teams in Europe, UK, Australia, Japan and parts of the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. MSolutions has taken a more grassroots approach in North America, mainly leveraging in-house resources and general business relationships to bring its product line and its benefits to installers and field technicians.

Symco’s full-service operation adds sales, marketing and business development resources through the entire region that will quickly build on MSolutions’ accomplishments to date. Additionally, Symco’s in-house engineering resources bring systems design experience and technical support skills to the integrators and end users that install, use and maintain AV and IT systems. And while MSolutions offers a broad range of technology across diverse AV environments, Symco has a secret weapon in the MSolutions line that is a clear differentiator from other companies: A well-established handheld, modular test device that place the power of on-site verification, troubleshooting, and problem-resolution directly in the palms of the installer.

“As a 50-year-old company with strong relationships through the region, Symco has attracted and retained a strong portfolio of AV and IT brands that cross the ecosystem,” said Lindsay Sobotka, Marketing Manager, Symco and Stirling Communications. “Coupled with our personalized approach to customer service, we work directly with dealers and integrators to solve problems and help clients specify the right mix of technologies to meet their needs. MSolutions brings new value to our brand lineup and the customers we service through a dynamic range of extenders, test solutions, and other audio and video products that serve a variety of business verticals and use cases.”

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“This partnership represents the first step of new strategic growth imitative to amplify MSolutions’ presence through North America, especially at a time when the technology infrastructure required to support corporate, education and government operations is rapidly changing,” said Eliran Toren, CEO. “MSolutions is an engineering-minded company that develops problem-solving technology solutions that are priced for all budgets. We intend to rely on the expertise of our partners to execute the appropriate business strategies that are proven to work in their regions.”