MSolutions Debuts Wallplate That Sends HDMI and USB-C Up To 130 Feet

wallplate msolutions

MSolutions introduced the 4K KVM extender set for sending HDMI and USB signals, and it includes a wallplate transmitter. The MS-210WP transmitter pairs with a corresponding receiver (the MSR-210U2R) to extend 4K@30 4:4:4 video up to 40 meters (131 feet), HD facilities can extend 1080p video and lower resolutions up to 70m (230 feet), with pass-through of all HDMI audio formats supported. The transmitter provides two USB 2.0 channels for KVM connectivity of USB Type A devices across the link, including USB 2.0 cameras, touch screens, smart boards, hard drives, USB audio devices and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printers). The depth of the transmitter to just 33.7mm (1.32 inches) and it’s housed in a one-gang (US) Decora-style wallplate and is available for standard US/EU plate dimensions.