Modulo Pi Expands Tools Dedicated to 3D Projects, Offers Discounted Month of Kinetic Designer 2D+3D

Modulo Pi Expands Tools Dedicated to 3D ProjectsModulo Pi announced the reinforcement of its tools dedicated to 3D projection study and show simulation. Modulo Pi’s tools are embedded in the Modulo Kinetic media server platform or are available as a dongle-based license. Creatives and operators can rely on these capabilities to shape their projects and share their vision with teams and clients. Using the Modulo Kinetic platform or the dongle-based license, users can enjoy a real-time 3D scene visualizer with ability to create or import unlimited scenes and objects.

The tools are available using the Modulo Kinetic media server solution. The comprehensive hardware and software platform provides one logical and fully integrated workflow from project study and simulation through media playback and show control. It is also possible to benefit from Modulo Pi’s advanced 3D projection study and show simulation features using a Modulo Pi dongle equipped with the Modulo Kinetic Designer 2D+3D license.

Thanks to the extensive internal library of over 680 video projectors, the cloner modifier, symmetry tool and lux views, users can easily determine the projectors best adapted to their project, as well as their position, lenses required, luminosity views and pixel size. Users can also add measures and annotations to the 3D scenes and export any view and information needed.

Once the project is set in Modulo Kinetic or Modulo Kinetic Designer 2D+3D, one can previsualize the show in real-time. Media can be dragged and dropped in timelines to see the outcome in the projectors, LED walls or LCD screens positioned in the 3D scenes. Creatives and clients can previsualize their show simulation from any point of view.

To push the simulation even further, the project can be visualized using a Virtual Reality headset. Through a single button and without any coding, show scenes can be previsualized in real-time VR from any angle.

Modulo Pi offers a discount code 3DS50 to get 50% off one month of Kinetic Designer 2D+3D. The offer is valid until Jan. 31, 2022.