Mode:Green Debuts Lighting Line to Support Demand for LED

To support the hotels and commercial spaces prioritizing LED lighting, hospitality integration firm Mode:Green has announced the debut line of custom LED light bulbs.

Mode:Green specializes in designing and installing tailored audiovisual, automation, sustainability, and lighting experiences in top hotels, venues, office spaces, and etc. When incorporating LED lighting into its projects, its team identified a pattern of challenges affecting their installations, such as quality, reliable color temperature, flicker and dimming capability, and warranty.

The Mode:Green Custom LED light bulbs are designed to address these frequent issues; they provide a wide range of color temperatures down to 2,000K for the right ambiance for hotel and other commercial installations. The line also includes high efficiency and energy-code compliant back-of-house and office fixtures that feature on-board motion sensing, EM Battery-Up, and wireless controls with both Bluetooth and Zigbee mesh.

The Mode:Green Custom LED Lighting solutions are here.