Mo-Sys Engineering Releases New Multinode Media Server Solution

moMo-Sys Engineering has released a new multinode media server solution for LED volumes to meet the demands of final pixel XR production for film and TV.

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR is a hardware and software solution combining multinode nDisplay architecture, an improved VP Pro real-time compositor/synchronizer, and a new XR tool set. This XR media server system is focused on delivering cinematic capabilities and standards for Cinematographers and Focus Pullers.

The launch of VP Pro XR follows the recently announced Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus capability. Cinematic XR Focus allows focus pullers to pull focus between real and virtual elements in an LED volume and is now available on VP Pro XR.

The XR space to date has been predominantly driven by live event equipment companies. While these XR volumes have delivered cost savings by removing post-production compositing and lowering location costs, they have also introduced shooting limitations and an output image that isn’t yet comparable to non-real-time compositing. Mo-Sys says this was the reason behind the creation of VP Pro XR.

VP Pro XR is the first product release under Mo-Sys’ Cinematic XR initiative. The overriding aim of Cinematic XR is to move final pixel XR production forwards in terms of image quality and shooting creativity from its initial roots using live event LED technology, to fit-for-purpose Cinematic XR technology.

Here are all the details: