MMA-V: A No Holds Barred AV Throwdown

MMAVSo, before anyone accuses me of copy-catting or riding the coat tails of another article released lately by a competitive publication, I just want to say you’d be wrong.

I actually wrote about this idea in 2011.  Now considering only about 200 people read my personal blog, I ‘m betting you didn’t see it and it went unnoticed.  But just for some proof, here is the link.

Intellectual property is “property that results from an intellectual, creative process and so is the product of one’s mind.”  As such, the recent post by another merely reminded me of something I had already done.  OK, now my coscience is clear and I can move on to the subject at hand:

Is it time for an AV centric reality show?

I give an emphatic “Yes!” and propose the MMA-V (Multimedia AudioVideo) title to promote the spirit of no holds barred AV competition.  Every week two firms would go at it, testing their design and installation skills to turn a “White Room” into a Multimedia AV experience.

In fact I even have an initial match up in mind.

MMA-V Episode #1- AV Concepts of San Diego, CA vs. Mad Systems of Orange, CA.

If you are not familiar with these two firms, you may wonder why I picked them.  Let me tell you.

AV Concepts is the team behind the infamous Tupac hologram at Coachella.  They are a live event powerhouse that does live shows, corporate events (they just did a Jordan/Griffin holographic slam dunk contest in Santa Monica for Nike) and product launches.  Their team creates amazing custom Multimedia content, designs the AV setups to bring them to life, and has had to become very adept at some mechanical engineering to get all the pieces to arrive in place at show time.  Give them a 20×20 white room, and you’ll be amazed at what they can do with it.

Mad Systems is an amazing custom AV company responsible for an array of projects, most notably in museums.  They have hundreds of PCs running exhibits all over the world.  They have done everything from edge blended projection and Peppers Ghost to full motion simulators to a building an Antikythera device and a steam powered 1860’s airplane for the National Geographic Channel.  Maris Ensing and Mark Hogan are the amazing minds behind the designs and implementation successes there, and their shop boasts routers, lathes, lasers, 3D printers, and even a waterjet cutter.  I may be a little biased as I worked with these folks for a few years (I had zero to do with the projects mentioned above except being awestruck by them) but again, a 20×20 blank space in the hands of Mad Systems would be something to behold.

That’s just Episode #1 though.  There would be a whole season to fill up!

Who would your dream throwdown match be #AVTweeps? 

Would you like to see DSI vs Aurant in an Ultimate Home Theater brawl?  What about a tactical match between Avidex and Spinitar to create the VTC showcase of the future?

Chime in on Twitter with the #MMAV hashtag, or leave your suggestions in the comments.  We may just be able to take this idea all the way to a real show!