Mixhalo Launches Mixhalo Translate, Enters Multi-Billion Simultaneous Interpretation Market


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Mixhalo, the real-time audio streaming platform for live events, today announces Mixhalo Translate, a game-changing new technology for conferences with multilingual audiences. Leveraging both proprietary technology and some of the recent advances in large language models (LLMs), Mixhalo Translate provides AI-generated foreign language interpretation and transcription in real-time, sending the interpreted audio directly to the smartphones of attendees at live events.

Mixhalo Translate is a natural extension for the company that has built its business by providing real-time, ultra-low latency audio to tens of thousands of fans in notoriously difficult live events environments, including NASCAR races, the MLB All-Star Game, NBA, NHL and MLS games, as well as at live concerts for artists like Sting and Metallica.

“Interpretation at conferences and live events is done the same way today as it was in 1995,” said John Vars, CEO of Mixhalo. “We already have the platform to stream audio in difficult live events environments, which we’ve been fine-tuning for almost a decade. Mixhalo is perfectly positioned to serve this market and bring the interpretation experience into the AI era.”

The traditional logistical lift of analog/human interpretation solutions is difficult, cumbersome and costly, requiring management of radio pack inventory, battery life, sterilization and distribution, as well as building and wiring sound booths, finding and hiring human interpreters, and managing travel, accommodations, and scheduling. Mixhalo Translate’s superior, affordable product eliminates the need for extensive equipment and logistics, making interpretation of up to 50 languages at live events effortless. Mixhalo Translate also significantly reduces the cost of hiring language interpreters.

Even the largest conferences can be transformed into intimate, immersive audio experiences when Mixhalo Translate is deployed in tandem with Mixhalo Live, the company’s core product that delivers high-fidelity audio to attendees at live events in real time. With both products integrated together, conference attendees can choose to listen to sessions in multiple languages with Mixhalo Translate, or listen directly from the microphone, synchronized with the PA system, bringing them closer to the speaker with a studio-quality feed directly in their ear.

Mixhalo’s global distribution partnership with L-Acoustics, leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of premium sound reinforcement technologies, provides a ready customer base. Hosted on L-ISA 3.2, the latest update to the comprehensive spatial audio ecosystem from L-Acoustics, Mixhalo is activated through a combined license and hardware subscription model with usage-based pricing for Translate and other cloud services.

“Unlocking AI-powered interpretation on the L-ISA Processor II is a game-changer,” said Laurent Vaissié, CEO of L-Acoustics. “Mixhalo Translate opens up a new realm of audio services offered by our global network of certified providers with two major outcomes for end-users: connecting the message with the widest audience and enabling personalized augmented content within a shared group experience.”