Mitsubishi Debuts Cloud Projector

Mits-Cloud-Projector-WD390U-EST-0113Mitsubishi Electric is the first to launch a “cloud projector” in the form of the WD390U-EST. Like the original Apple MacBook Air that had virtually no ports or connections to it, the new Mitsubishi WD390U-EST cloud projector uses its built-in, thin client function to serve as a display device — basically, you log onto your network via the projector (like you would with a computer or iPad) and begin displaying content in seconds, whether from a local server, the internet or the cloud, giving presenters access to files through the projector itself. Using a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse, users can access content on a server, with such storage now referred to as “cloud content.”

Also, the WD390U-EST is an extreme short throw projector and is technically capable of displaying a 70″ diagonal image from 23 inches away.
Spec’d to project 3,000 lumens and using a 6,000-hour lamp, the WD390U-EST has native 1280×768 (WXGA) resolution and is controllable via RS232 or IP.