Mike Blackman of ISE Endorses Ashton Bentley Collaboration Products

ashton bentley mike blackman 0220Ashton Bentley is launching new 43” and 98” kitted Collaboration Spaces (includes table, monitor, stand, speakers, mic and camera). And, they’ve been endorsed by ISE Managing Director Mike Blackman too — apparently, ISE has two new meeting rooms using the all-in-one Ashton Bentley systems.

The modularity of the Ashton Bentley systems made it simple to reuse existing Ashton Bentley displays, chassis and control from previous installs. The company’s in-house design team includes furniture solution designers and professional AV specifiers, who worked together to create a smart and functional space. Using the latest CAD and CGI software we were able to map and visualize the space correctly, making for a smooth install.

The tables in the two spaces remain in position with a movable joining table sliding into place when the large table is required. Crestron and Shure systems were used for room combining, both systems design and installed by Ashton Bentley. Finally the StarLeaf VC systems were integrated into both rooms so independent calls can be made.

Additional Ashton Bentley wall mount displays were installed to make sure all 30 seating positions, when rooms set up as one large space, could see content.

Here are the details.