MIDI Control Comes to PTZ Cameras


ptzoptics midi

By Paul Richards

We all know that advanced camera control can be difficult when only a limited number of resources are available. We see this clearly in houses of worship, where creating a broadcast-quality production relies on inconsistent volunteer schedules. In areas like education, the need for AV solutions is ever-growing, but K-12 and higher ed professionals are often constrained by strict budgets. Even in music and entertainment—no matter what the industry, really —production quality is strongly dependent on the equipment available.

Wouldn’t it be great to control your PTZ camera with the resources you already have on hand? Enter PTZOptics’ newest camera feature — fully configurable MIDI control.

In partnership with the MIDI Association, the latest firmware update from PTZOptics will allow users to operate the award-winning NDI and SDI PTZ cameras directly via MIDI control. Users can map commands including preset, call, pan, tilt, zoom in/out, and speed up/slow down to any keys available on the MIDI device. This allows for infinite possibilities for using MIDI control in any visual production. Using a drum kit, keyboard, or any MIDI controller, cameras can be easily controlled with a simple strike of a note, or even coordinated to pan, tilt or zoom along with a musical number.

PTZ MIDI control debuted at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show this June, and impressed attendees in the music industry and beyond. “Our customers have been asking for features like this for quite some time,” says Geoff Robinson, product manager at PTZOptics. “We’re excited to see just how the community puts this to use.”

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To use MIDI control with your PTZOptics PTZ camera, simply open the camera’s web UI and configure the controls to suit the needs of your production. No need to fumble around with extra equipment — with MIDI control, you can simplify your audio and visual controls into a single workflow using the MIDI devices you already have.

And the best part? MIDI camera control can be enabled on any current-generation PTZOptics PTZ camera for free with a simple firmware update.

Gone are the days when limited resources meant limited production options. Now, you can create an elevated experience for your audience with only minimal effort — and no extra equipment required.

For more information, and to try the beta version of MIDI PTZ camera control, visit PTZOptics.com/MIDI.