Middle Atlantic Products Provides Rack Systems for Immersive Demo at CEDIA Expo 2022

RSH Rack

Middle Atlantic Products is providing the rack systems in an immersive demo at CEDIA Expo 2022. The demo will feature Middle Atlantic’s tried-and-true racks and rack accessories — including the CEDIA Hall of Fame honored RSH Custom Rackshelf — all installed in alignment with industry-best practices and designed with the Middle Atlantic 3D Design Tool. The 11.12.6 audio system will showcase the high level of immersive sound and video that today’s best-of-breed systems can deliver in booth 26097.

“Our slogan is, ‘What great systems are built on,’ and you’ll definitely see that in action at the Immersive Audio Demo at CEDIA,” said Patrick Kittredge (CTS), Product Marketing Manager, Middle Atlantic Products, at Legrand | AV. “There will be three racks packed with over $500K in equipment, all designed using our new 3D Design Tool that’s available to all integrators for free. You might be there to hear next-level audio, but you’ll certainly want to see how beautifully it can all come together behind the screens in the rack.”

The impressive demo features amplification by McIntosh Labs, Trinnov Audio’s processors, speakers by Sonus faber, video and sound by Kaleidescape, and video processing by madVR. Officina Acustica designed the room, and a Barco projector and Seymour screen will be used.