Metro Tech Reps Reveals Team of Manufacturers

static1-squarespaceNew York, NY, (November 9) METRO TECH REPS – After launching the firm less than six weeks ago, Metro Tech Reps has carefully curated a synergistic team of manufacturers to address some of the most common challenges faced by Pro AV consultants and integrators.

The criteria used was to choose products that meet end-user requirements and maintain profitability, as well as to find manufacturers who offer world-class support, when there is a problem.

Starting immediately, Metro Tech Reps will be representing Condeco Software –  develops, manufactures, and delivers integrated room, desk and collaboration resource booking software and panel display technologies that enhance workspace utilization, LD-Systems – manufacturer of pro audio installed speakers, Mersive – wireless display for the Enterprise, and Xtreme Power – manufacturer of UPS and PDU technology.

“We’re teaming up with the selected manufacturers who can collectively offer a real solution to our clients’ technology needs.” says Toby Daschbach, President Metro Tech Reps. “For example, Condeco Software provides scheduling software and hardware solutions for the ever-changing meeting rooms where we see tremendous opportunities in the Pro AV marketplace.”

“I am impressed with Metro Tech Reps relationships across the Pro AV Community. Through these relationships, we now have the ability to present our solution value proposition across a larger partner and end-user community in a shorter period of time.” Ken Scaturro, VP of Sales – Americas, Condeco Software.

“Our experience in the field has given us insight into the market share of what products are being purchased. This led us to seek out specific manufacturers, with the growth potential in the New York city metro verticals we have been working with.” explains Daschbach.

Rob Bagley, CEO of Mersive, one of the manufacturers represented by Metro Tech Reps said “The New York city metro area is a key geography for Mersive and given our prior relationship with Toby and his track record we jumped at the chance to work with him again”. Steve Savvides, president of MDG sales explained “When we met with Metro Tech Reps, I realized how they could help introduce LD-Systems to all the “sound” guys that I used to work with, plus many new ones”. And Steve Lipinsky, Director United States and Canada of Xtreme Power stated “We’ve always looked for an established partner in the Pro AV space to help build our already successful IT power business. We knew that we found that when we teamed up with Metro Tech Reps”.