MetraAV Ships New Spyclops 4K Surveillance Cameras With Color Night Vision

Spyclops IP Cameras press 2400x1370

Spyclops Surveillance Systems by MetraAV is now shipping two new IP cameras supporting 4K with the latest in color night vision technology and has also introduced three new and improved power distribution boxes. The cameras have a built-in microphone and are available in a low-profile mini bullet and mini turret dome style option, the SPY-MNBLT3WIP8 and SPY-MNDM3WIP8. The distribution boxes are available in options to manage up to 5, 9, or 18 surveillance cameras. These new products are in stock and will be on display at the 2021 CEDIA Expo at booth 4200.

4K Cameras with Color Night Vision
Spyclops’ two new IP cameras are small but powerful. They can capture video up to 8MP at 30 fps, for a crisp, clear picture, even in low light or dark conditions. The advanced CMOS sensor has the latest technology to provide color night vision with superior picture quality and better clarity in low light. For completely dark environments, smart IR LEDs will automatically adjust the IR LED brightness to avoid a washed out image, providing better clarity for objects at various distances. This gives installers two excellent options for night recording, depending on the environment. For places with ambient lighting like a suburban street or warehouse alley, the color night vision will perform exceptionally. For completely dark areas with no light sources, such as a dark cabin in the woods, the smart IR LEDs will capture images up to 25 meters (82 feet) away. A built-in microphone records audio and the camera’s H.265+ video compression reduces bandwidth and video storage demands without sacrificing the video quality. The cameras work with any of the Spyclops Pro Series XVRs or NVRs, which include a free remote viewing app.

SPY-MNBLT3WIP8: Mini Bullet Style IP Camera
SPY-MNDM3WIP8: Mini Turret Dome Style IP Camera

Product Specifications:
4K resolution IP camera
2.8mm fixed lens
8MP CMOS sensor
Choose the color night vision or smart IR LEDs setting based on the environment
Color night vision:
Uses the latest technology for low light conditions
Works best with an existing ambient light source and areas with streetlights
Must be enabled through the camera’s configuration menu
Smart IR LEDs:
Automatically adjusts the IR LEDs for night vision up to 25 meters
Prevents images from appearing washed out if too close to the IR LEDs
Works best for completely dark environments with no ambient light source
Supports 1080P/30, 4MP/30, 6MP/30, & 8MP/30 resolutions
Water-resistant, rated IP67
Supports H.264, H.264+, H.265 & H.265+
Built-in microphone
Built-in PoE
Color: white

Improved Power Distribution Boxes
To complete the surveillance system installation, MetraAV is also introducing three different power distribution boxes with an improved design. The upgraded box design features an LED status indicator that shows when the AC power is connected and the 12volt power supply is on. These boxes give installers the most efficient way to manage power distribution for surveillance cameras with removable power connections that make wiring the cameras easier. The Spyclops power distribution boxes are available in a 5, 9, and 18-way power option, as the SPY-DB5, SPY-DB9, and SPY-DB18, respectively.

SPY-DB5: 5-Way Power Distribution Box (5 Amp)
SPY-DB9: 9-Way Power Distribution Box (10 Amp)
SPY-DB18: 18-Way Power Distribution Box (20 Amp)

Product Specifications:
Easily manage power for surveillance cameras
Box plugs into standard power outlet
110volt to 12volt power supply
Lockable door with (2) keys included
Status LED is on when AC power is connected & 12volt power supply is on
LED is off when there is no power from the power supply
1-Amp PTC fuses protect cameras
Removable power connections make wiring cameras easier
Knockouts on back of power supply box

These surveillance products are in stock and available now from Spyclops. Visit MetraAV at CEDIA Expo booth 4200 or at InfoComm Booth 3629 on Level 2 in the West Building to see these new products on display.