Mersive Technologies Expands Alliance Partnership Program to Include Huddly Cameras

mersiveMersive Technologies today announced that it has expanded its alliance partnership program to include Huddly cameras. This partnership combines Mersive Solstice, a touchless Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) room system, with Huddly’s meeting room camera.

Mersive Solstice enables on-site users to host room-based meetings from their laptops, including sharing content to the room display and supporting connectivity for remote participants via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and most other conferencing services. Huddly’s cameras add Full-HD video to complete the solution. They feature an ultra-wide-angle lens for small spaces and AI to ensure that the team is optimally framed at all times.

The integration consists of a Huddly GO or Huddly IQ camera USB-connected to a Mersive Solstice Pod. Through the Solstice Conference capability, a user in the room wirelessly connects their laptop to the Huddly camera and meeting room display via Solstice and hosts the web conference to enable remote participants to join. A separate USB audio device can be connected to the Solstice Pod optionally.

Solstice maintains all Huddly’s software-based, AI and analytics capabilities. Users wirelessly connected to Solstice benefit from Huddly’s Genius Framing, software-enhanced audio and advanced analytics data. Additionally, organizations have the ability to enable occupancy counting and other occupancy-based features when a Huddly camera is connected to the Solstice Pod.