Mersive Solstice: An IT-Ready Platform

We’ve all heard about the convergence of AV and IT, and we all know there will be leaders and laggards as it arrives. If you look at the leading wired and wireless platforms for same-room PC or mobile device sharing, you’ll notice a pattern. Traditional AV companies have gone the route of proprietary hardware and software, slapping on a network port and calling it “IT-friendly.” But the PC is starting to make in-roads into the AV/IT world as cost effective appliances for one simple yet staggeringly important reason: flexibility. Just look at the dedicated video-conference-codecs-to-conference-room PCs on the market today. (See: Is the Video Conference Codec Dead).

One of my favorite companies that helps converge AV technologies into IT platforms is Mersive and its Solstice sharing application. It’s a platform very different from the other players in the conference-room-sharing market for several reasons:

  1. PC-based: Mersive Solstice doesn’t force new proprietary hardware into an organization’s environment.
  2. Familiarity: IT teams already know how to manage numerous PCs and applications within their organization.
  3. Compatibility: It leverages the existing network, be it wired or wireless, so there’s no need to introduce new wireless signals or dongles into a conference room.
  4. Centralized management: The IT organization can mange multiple conference rooms from a single interface. No need to log into each device separately and configure one at a time.
  5. Multi-tasking: A PC in the room running Solstice can serve as a video conferencing PC as well, giving you the flexibility to do more than one thing in the room.

Compare Mersive Solstice to other solutions on the market and you’ll see the benefit of a platform that scales with your organization and doesn’t need individual points of management. Mersive Solstice is just the entry product into creating a collaboration room that lets you share information like never before. If you think hardware still has its place in the future, try asking a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist to fund your next big hardware innovation.


Mersive Solstice on a Delta WX21


Mersive Solstice on a Dual Projector set up by Mersive Sol.