Merging Technologies, Sennheiser Create New Solution Based on Anubis Interface

merging technologies sennheiser

Merging Technologies has joined forces with Sennheiser’s business communication experts to create a “flexible and cost-effective” interpretation solution based on their Anubis interface. The companies say you can connect your Sennheiser headsets (mic/headphone combos) and your interpretation desk is ready and the Merging Technologies Hapi Mk II serves as the connection point to the console, PA or conferencing system.

The Anubis audio interface can handle two high-end microphone inputs with EQ, compressor and limiter and two headphone outputs with a touch screen, a rotary dial for the headphone volume and a hard button for direct mute control by the interpreters. The inputs and outputs are totally separate so that each interpreter can choose their volume level etc., completely independently from their colleague.

All Anubis are network-interconnected (AES67/ST2110), so every audio stream can be available on any Anubis. A Hapi Mk II (AD/DA, Madi, AES/EBU converter) is used as an in/out point with all standard formats to connect to the existing console, PA or conferencing system. One key benefit of this interpretation solution is that it can be remote-controlled via VPN and the IP address of each Anubis.