Merel Finally Ships mTouch Multi-Touch Table Last Week

Merel 0111

Merel-0111Merel Technologies has finally started shipping its long-awaited multi-touch table, mTouch, and, as promised, stayed in the $4,000 price range.

In case you don’t remember what this is, the mTouch is designed to take the place of a traditional coffee table or walk-up kiosk and provide businesses with an innovative and creative way to showcase or market its products or services. Merel hopes these interactive tables will end up as interactive digital signage in public areas such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and waiting rooms.

The 32” (1280 x 720) LCD-based mTouch table includes some creative technology:

  • Gesture Recognition
  • Multi-user Compatibility – The table can support up to 20 simultaneous touch inputs.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Users can transfer media on the table that they like to their smart phones using the built in Bluetooth hardware.
  • Liquid Resistance – The mTouch tabletop is sealed to prevent any spills from damaging the electronics.

To see all the specs, go here: