Meet Insta360 Connect at InfoComm 2024 – Dual-Camera AI Video Bar

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Insta360 is set to unveil and start pre-orders for its latest video bar, Insta360 Connect, at this year’s InfoComm, held between June 12–14, 2024. The groundbreaking dual-camera AI video bar marks the company’s official expansion into the professional video conferencing market.

Insta360 Connect is an all-in-one, dual-camera video bar designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, delivering exceptional audio and video quality that will transform your meetings. Insta360’s first-ever video bar blends cutting-edge hardware and AI algorithms to provide both in-room and remote participants with an immersive and realistic experience.

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Connect boasts a dual 4K camera setup consisting of a wide-angle camera and a telephoto gimbal camera. The two work seamlessly together, capturing 4K group views and individual close-ups for unparalleled meeting visuals.

This first-class imaging hardware is made even better by AI Resolution+, a machine-learning algorithm that transforms image quality and detail. It shows whoever is speaking in double resolution for remote interactions that feel like the real thing.

A key area where Connect excels over its competitors is audio. With a 14-microphone array and a cutting-edge 3A audio algorithm, it offers better-quality audio capture and picks up voices from a much greater distance (up to 33 feet away), with balanced volume, supreme clarity, and a natural, immersive sound.

An adaptive audio system takes the audio output up a level by truly eliminating unwanted sounds and effects. Intelligent noise reduction technology analyzes the real-time acoustic environment in the room to eliminate unwanted noise and reverb, ensuring interruption-free meetings.

Another key advantage of Connect is its tracking capabilities. Connect tracks the speaker and keeps them center stage throughout, but it does this with much greater accuracy–using multi-modal recognition technology. What’s more, it monitors all participants simultaneously, enabling quick and accurate transitions between speakers.

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In addition, Connect boasts a series of versatile modes. Whiteboard Mode makes it easy to present from a whiteboard by squaring off and focusing on the whiteboard area so anyone watching can follow along. The whiteboard even remains visible if a participant blocks the camera’s view! Speakerphone Mode enables the classic conference call setup but with pro-level audio. There’s even a Privacy Mode for any time a bit of discretion is needed, concealing the wide-angle lens, facing the gimbal camera down, and muting the microphone.

Insta360 Connect is the perfect solution for businesses and professionals demanding uncompromised video conferencing quality. It works seamlessly as a USB device for laptops and desktops and supports all major platforms—simply connect a device and revolutionize your meetings. This isn’t the first time Insta360 has proved its excellence in the audiovisual market. Back in August 2022, the company launched its AI-powered 4K webcam, Insta360 Link, which was an instant success in bringing intuitive AI features and accurate tracking to the blooming hybrid work solutions.

Attendees at InfoComm 2024 will be the first to experience this game-changing technology. Insta360 Connect is available to pre-order from June 12, 2024, via Insta360’s official online store. There is an early bird downpayment of US$100, which will deduct $200 from the final price. The official product launch and shipping time are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024. For more information about pre-ordering, please visit