MediaVue and Assured Systems Collaborate to Build a New Signage Platform Dubbed ABEL

MediaVue and Assured Systems

MediaVue and Assured Systems have joined forces to co-develop ABEL, a digital signage platform comprised of six components. ABEL will make its official debut at ISE 2024 with live demos being offered in Booth #6K300.

Erik DeGiorgi, CEO of MediaVue explains “This industry is over twenty years old. It’s mind blowing to think that so many networks are still coping with time-consuming installations, clunky or even non-existent management tools, massive security vulnerabilities, unstable operating systems and underperforming hardware that hides behind confusing jargon. This industry is mature. End-users and integrators should be demanding an equally mature solution.”

ABEL is a platform designed to “simplify the procurement, deployment, management and support of digital signage networks in a wide array of markets.” ABEL is a single-SKU solution that includes proprietary hardware and software, support, warranty and other features that can be purchased through a single, up-front payment or on an annual subscription basis.

“This partnership encapsulates over thirty years of joint industry experience into a single platform at a cost that we are very excited about” remarked James Priest, CEO of Assured Systems. “Erik and I have both been at this for a long time. We have seen what works and what doesn’t, and at the end of the day what customers really want is a simple solution that doesn’t compromise on security, performance, and reliability. The problem has always been how to accomplish that at a reasonable cost. ABEL is just that, and we are eager to introduce it at ISE.”

ABEL says it “takes the guesswork out of deploying digital signage networks while offering the flexibility and adaptability needed to service a multitude of markets.” End users can customize the functionality of the system, select from content management software options and have the “peace of mind that their network is stable, secure and connecting with their audience in the way they intended.”