Medialon Starts AV System Monitoring Service Dubbed LonCloud

medialon-0114Medialon has announced LonCloud, a new web service to monitor Network-based audiovisual installations equipped with a Medialon controller. Data, such as lamp hour usage of video projectors or video server operations, are permanently monitored by Medialon controllers. Now it is possible to regularly send snapshots of those values to the LonCloud service where users can monitor the data in real time and set up thresholds to send alarms to technicians so they can act before equipment fails.

LonCloud is designed for integrators and offers several levels of access rights, allowing professionals to set up LonCloud monitoring for their customers and resell the monitoring services and charge for it.

For security, Medialon controllers initiate encrypted outbound connections to the LonCloud servers which means there are no firewalls or routers to set up and there are no inbound connections to local sites.

All the details are here.