Media Vision Offers TAIDEN’s HCS-4851 Retractable Microphone Array

media-vision-taiden-0615The new digital conference microphone by TAIDEN is designed for integrators and end users that want to hide all meeting technology solutions when not in use. The HCS-4851 is a flush-mount unit with a retractable line array microphone and microphone activation button. A cover plate hides all electronics when the microphone is fully retracted.

When taken out for usage, the TAIDEN HCS-4851 microphone array has a total length of 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) with a 30-degree lean angle; the microphone placement offers proximity to the sound source while using the advanced physical characteristics of a microphone array ensuring excellent pick-up of the human voice and rejecting ambient noise from above and below the microphone.

The HCS-4851 digital conference microphone is compatible with all other wired tabletop and flush-mount digital conference systems by TAIDEN. Here are the details.