Media Solution’s MS-TestPro can support installers and integrators in testing HDBaseT infrastructure readiness to 4K content.

TelAviv, Israel -July 05, 2017 – Media Solutions Ltd, a worldwide leader in media distribution solutions for the AV industry, has announced today full support for HDBaseT testing analysis and in-line diagnostic capabilities of the 4K content. With the MS-TestPro, the only handheld solution for in-field testing of HDBaseT systems and cabling, installers can immediately detect line sensitivity and reduce any installation time, especially 4K installations, while increasing Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). The MS-TestPro will generate a 4K readiness certification report, which presents to the installer, highly important data such as HDBaseT transmission quality (resolution dependent) to ensure 4K content streaming quality and support for any topology or architecture in any given project.

“With the growing demand for 4k resolution content, we need to transmit 4x more data”, said Ariel Marcus, Media Solutions’ co-founder, and CTO. “currently HDBaseT is limited to a bandwidth of 8G and guarantees no compression. While transmitting 4x more data, the HDBaseT initiate Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM modulation) with 16 levels (PAM-16) instead of 8 levels (PAM-8). Because of the changing modulation, the distance between the different levels increases the sensitivity. The MS-TestPro adjusts the testing criteria, while switching from 1080P to 4K resolution, in order to meet the required transmission quality.

“4K technology has been around for some time, 4k content is constantly gaining popularity in the market,” said Eliran Toren, co-founder, and CEO of Media Solutions. “With the increasing content produced in 4K format, and to ensure HDBaseT carrying the 4K content with high quality, it makes it important that the installers will be able to ensure the delivery of the expected quality over HDBaseT link… Media Solution’s MS-TestPro will precisely detect any 4K sensitivity over the HDBaseT and will assist installers to deliver high quality content on one of the most advanced cables on the market”.

The graph below emphasizes the increased sensitivity for pixel error while moving from PAM 8 to PAM 16.

The MS-TestPro is currently available for US$1395 for the Touch Screen Model with a built-in 3.5” touch screen (MS102TD) and US$1595 for the Wi-Fi Client Model, with 3.5” screen, built-in HDMI pattern generator (MS103TDs).

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